Ideas for empowering the people, creating wealth, and improving standards of living

Lets start by confirming that I am in no way qualified to write a policy paper. Lets also establish that my views are definitely biased: secular, liberal, and pro-capitalism. A fair result of growing up in a muslim-christian family, studying in the USA, and working in investment banking. I am not qualified to claim the right answer, but I’d like to offer an alternative solution, consider it a truly passionate look at Egypt, moving forward.


Note: The sections beyond “Human Rights” will be published soon. 



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  1. bongbong says:

    Hi there, here from Germany:-)
    Really stunning things you the egyptian people have done in the last few weeks, just keep it going. This is so good for our planet. I was following your revolution almost 24/7. Also, I’ve seen the photos of the shreddered SS-docs, recently, and I would like to point you to this NATURE article ( about how to unshredder the docs and retrieve the information. So don’t burn the shredded paper because you can fix it! In Germany we have an institution that is responsible for Stasi papers and giving access to the people, maybe something similar is also interesting for Egypt?! It’s good for the people who suffered. Also it’s an important part of your history now and knowledge for your future generations. Good luck egyptians!

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